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We have used the services of Carlspoint Solutions since 2012 in recruiting staff. We have found them thorough and with good follow up and would recommend them to anyone looking for sourcing and placement services.

Tim Njehia-Managing Director Crystal Valuers Ltd

Tim Njehia-Managing Director Crystal Valuers Ltd

We discovered Carlspoint Solutions in 2013 when we were prospecting the country to launch our East African office base. They efficiently identified the need that we had, gave recommendations for the key performance indicators needed, suggested a pay scale to work with and quickly shortlisted sales agents who fitted our requirements. Some of those agents have been in our company since then. We highly recommend Carlspoint Solutions as an efficient, proactive company with well-informed team that works with an organization from the ground up

Asim Bhokari(CEO Megaplus)

CEO Megaplus

We are pleased to recommend the excellent services of Carlspoint Solutions. They have been working with us since 2012 and have been providing recruitment services on need basis. They have really helped our company throughout the years.
We have found them reliable and efficient with their service. Therefore we have no hesitation in recommending them to your organization.

Dr. David Karanja

Ansell Pharmaceuticals

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Hello world!

…and welcome to CARLSPOINT GROUP LTD. The story behind Carlspoint Group may resonate with most of you especially in the beginning. I would first like to say THANK YOU for visiting our site, contacting us on email or phone or referring us to someone for assistance with job placement. Back to the story…. As with […]

Unspoken rules

These are some of the things an employer wont tell you on recruitment day but expect to be adhered to in any given organization. 1. Maintain personal hygiene. Learn what deodorant is…and while at it shower and brush your teeth daily.Use mints from time to time. Please note  I said mints…not gum. Big difference. 2. […]

Relationship between the Job Seeker and the Recruitment Agent

When you graduate from school and now ready for the job market there are  many ways to go about it. You may get a job through a relative or friend, advertisements on media, walk ins etc. Not all these avenues will work for everyone so you may need the services of a recruiter. Before making […]

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