Relationship between the Job Seeker and the Recruitment Agent

When you graduate from school and now ready for the job market there areĀ  many ways to go about it. You may get a job through a relative or friend, advertisements on media, walk ins etc.

Not all these avenues will work for everyone so you may need the services of a recruiter.

Before making any commitments you will need to get more information about the person you will use to help you get a job. This is because there have been many incidents where young people who have been sent to unsafe locations,lost their money and legal documents etc.

So when you approach a recruiter put into these into consideration:

1. Ask and confirm with people who have benefited from the same services.

2. Call or visit the location of the said client. Have a personal touch.

3. Ask questions regarding the opportunities that available for someone with your qualifications.

4. Ask about the charges for the services rendered. This is even more important before you get employment to avoid feeling blindsided by the parties involved.

5. Keep your end of the deal and show up for the interview you have been called for. No-shows mean you are not serious in job search and there’s a high probability you wont be called again…even if you have paid.[Refer to the agreement contract]

6. Keep in touch with your recruiter even after getting a job for new opportunities available[especially when you are on temporary contracts].

7. Make sure your client knows about your disadvantages e.g living arrangements,financial situations etc.

8. Take the process seriously. Send the necessary email,documents,show up on the destination, punctually, well dressed,

9. Always avail reliable contact information to avoid communication breakdowns.

9. Always do prior research on the company you are being sent to i.e the location and the means to get there.

10. Never give anyone including your recruiter your legal documents i.e the National Identity, School certificates, passports etc.

Have a blessed end month friends!

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