Unspoken rules

These are some of the things an employer wont tell you on recruitment day but expect to be adhered to in any given organization.

1. Maintain personal hygiene. Learn what deodorant is…and while at it shower and brush your teeth daily.Use mints from time to time. Please noteĀ  I said mints…not gum. Big difference.

2. It’s your duty to clean after yourself in the washroom even if there are people hired to do that. Remember that the toilet paper, hand wash and running water also cost money so stop the wastage.

3. The office internet is just that…Office internet. Everything must be work related..yes…even during your lunch break.

4. Personal calls during working hours should be reduced to emergencies. This is even more essential in positions like front office/customer care departments.

5. Listening to music from your machine on speaker isn’t respectful even to your fellow workmates.

6. Food/eating on the desktops especially when a client/guest is present isn’t presentable or professional.

7. Chitchat with your colleagues about last nights escapades during work hours is rude. Unacceptable if a client/boss is present.

8. Asking for an ‘advance’ when you have just started working at the company is unprofessional unless its an emergency with ‘proof’. Ask yourself what you have brought to the table for your employer to trust you with money that you haven’t worked for.

9.Personal visitors are a no-no at the work place. This portrays idleness.

10. Respect the company’s hierarchy of command. Always remember to air your grievances in an orderly manner starting with your immediate supervisor.

Have an honorable week ahead.

Be blessed.

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