Hello world!

…and welcome to CARLSPOINT GROUP LTD.
The story behind Carlspoint Group may resonate with most of you especially in the beginning.
I would first like to say THANK YOU for visiting our site, contacting us on email or phone or referring us to someone for assistance with job placement.
Back to the story….

As with most people in Nairobi, Kenya (or other towns), I cleared high school in the years ago and got the irregular gigs around town e.g. promotions ( that’s what we would call handing out fliers in traffic on Thika Rd especially…before the superhighway was even thought of of course) this would be for a day or two, get paid 300-500/- depending on the company(really can’t remember the names now). That wasn’t so important to me yet as I was still young! After completing college then, the real hustle began. I call it hustle as this is the time you realise your parents are uncomfortable giving you money for entertainment. I started working on my CV in one of the few in our estate (the CV was a disaster to say the least) and sending out to everyone and anyone. This led to many unscrupulous individuals calling me for fake interviews where we would pay about 150-200/ for the visit then they would send us to fake offices…without tenants(we were so naïve) we would sit there(usually about 5/6 of us) then a random guy would show up and tell us that the office was unoccupied or they closed in the morning…come back later). It was not fun!
Later on I did get a job by chance at a company I had visited to gain assistance with recruitment. Incidentally I studied Mass Communication and PR. I ended up getting a job as a marketer in a Human Resources Consultancy company and that is how my interest in Human Resources was activated!
It has been a long but very satisfying journey for me and I am always honored that someone would have confidence in my abilities to help them get the right fit for their company and for the job seeker that word will get out for them for them to get a legitimate interview chance.
Nothing gives me more joy at my work as someone getting gainful employment!
As I relaunch this project going forward I pray that I am able to meet and exceed your expectations, that we will impact Kenyan and African together and the national work environment is conducive to each and every one of us in our different industries!!
Thanks and be blessed.

Carol Kamau
Carlspoint Group.

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