Carlspoint Cleaning

Cleanliness is of paramount importance for a company’s brand persona and perception thus we focus on the following:

1. Office Cleaning-We offer daily cleaning services but also specialize in tasks such as stripping and refinishing tile floors, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

2. Real Estate Cleaning-Our services include post-construction cleaning, pre and post tenancy cleaning, daily management cleaning and landscaping.

3. Event Cleaning-We specializes in post-party or events cleaning in private residencies as well as corporate set-ups.

4. School Cleaning- This emphasizes on green (thus less harmful) cleaning agents on “high-frequency touchpoint” to constant sanitization of the school premises. Emphasis includes the areas like the cafeteria, washrooms, classrooms and floor railing all around the premises including the offices.

Our Cleaning Team

Our cleaning team comprises of well-trained staff who have previous work experience in cleaning the mentioned institutions.

They are well-groomed practice personal hygiene, can communicate well in both English and Kiswahili with references to boot, have been well vetted and ready to ensure your space is habitable at all times.